Artigiano del Cuore

The craftsman is a very important figure in the Italian culture and economy. Being artisan means making sacrifices, training for a job for many years, pursuing beauty relentlessly, living closely with the community. In recent times this figure has received little regard, with the result that new generations are mostly unaware of these high-value professions and of the opportunities they offer. The risk is the disappearance of a priceless national heritage.


“Artigiano del Cuore” means “my favourite artisan”, it is a contest launched to promote Italian arts and crafts, to acknowledge the value of extraordinary masters and to make the audience of the internet aware of the magnificent world of the métiers d’art.
The mosaicist Fabrizio Travisanutto and the shoemakers Sandro Barbera&Sons are the winner of the first edition of the contest, respectively in the category “Furnishing and Decorating” and “Clothing and Ornaments”. Chosen by merit for the final selection, they have won thanks to the support of their local community, that voted for them during the contest.

As an award, Brevimano has realized these short documentaries. Behind a camera, they had the possibility to tell their daily life – inside and outside the workshop -, the passion for their job, the love for their city.


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