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Claudia Casali was born in Lombardy and graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage at Udine State University, where she also achieved a PhD in Contemporary Art History, Critics and Aesthetics.
Throughout her career she has worked with many museums, specially supporting initiatives for young people; she coordinated relevant exhibitions in Palazzo Forti in Verona and collaborated with MAMBO of Bologna (former GAM), planning the main event dedicated to Bologna Culture Capital City in 2000: “The shadow of Reason”. From 2000 to 2010 she directed and curated the Exhibition and Events Office of the Ravenna Art Museum.
In 2011 Claudia took the office of director of the International Ceramic Museum of Faenza, curating the collection of Contemporary Art. She is also the Editor in chief of the magazine “Faenza” and she directs of the Tommaso Minardi Art School.
As a renowned opinion leader in the topic of contemporary pottery, she held many lectures around Europe (Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Austria) and at the Biennal of Mino (Japan).
Author of numerous articles on artistic magazines, she is also teacher of contemporary art, museology and museography at post-graduation training centres, ITS and Adults University Masters.