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Latest Update: November 2022

This website www.well-made.it (hereinafter “Wellmade” or the “Website“) is managed by Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte (hereinafter “Fondazione Cologni“) – www.fondazionecologni.it.


By using this Site, you explicitly agree to comply with the following Conditions, which Wellmade may change at any time as provided under the Conditions themselves. We suggest that you periodically check these conditions to check for any changes. If you do not agree with the provisions set out in these Conditions, you will not be authorised to use the Website.

Ownership and copyright
Unless otherwise indicated in the Conditions, this Website and all of the texts, images, trademarks, logos and any other content of the Website (“Website Content“) is subject to copyright © 2018, Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, all rights reserved. WELLMADE, its logo and all of the graphics on the Website (the “Marks“) are registered, used or in any case owned by Fondazione Cologni and/or other third parties. Nothing contained on this Website may be construed as granting, either implicitly or otherwise, any licence or right to use the Marks without prior written authorisation by Fondazione Cologni or other party that is the proprietor of the mark.

Use of this Website
Wellmade authorises you to view, download and print the Website Content on the following conditions: (I) you may do so only for personal, not commercial, purposes; (II) you cannot change the Website Content; (III) any video or printed image of the Website Content must include the following indication: “© 2020, Wellmade All rights reserved”; (IV) you cannot delete or change any notice regarding the reservation of copyrights or intellectual property rights entered in the Website content by Fondazione Cologni; (V) you cannot reproduce, distribute or disclose the Website Content, or extracts thereof, except as provided for in these Conditions. Unless otherwise specified, the reproduction, transmission, printing, publication and distribution of the Website Content or of any part of it are expressly prohibited without Wellmade’s prior written authorisation. Authorisation must be requested directly to: Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte – www.fondazionecologni.it

You expressly agree and guarantee that your use of our Website (I) will fully comply with this authorisation; (II) will not infringe the rights of any other person, (III) will not constitute a breach of a contractual obligation or legal obligation vis-à-vis third parties, and (IV) will not infringe any applicable laws. You expressly agree to hold Wellmade harmless against any liability in respect of any person, arising from your use of our Website in a manner that does not comply with these Conditions. You declare that you are 18 years of age or over and that you are legally able to enter into this agreement and to use this Website in accordance with all the Conditions set forth herein.

Users will not be charged for use of the Website in accordance with these Conditions. However, the Website may contain links to third-party websites managed by independent providers or retailers. You may be charged for the services offered by these websites, as well as for their content. You are responsible for making all appropriate checks before proceeding with any transaction, in order to understand whether you will be charged or not when using these services. Where Wellmade provides details of the prices for the services offered by third-party websites, they are given for information purposes only. Wellmade is in no way responsible for the accuracy of such information or is in any way associated with these third-party websites.


Wellmade makes no warranty of suitability of the Website Content, or any part thereof, for any purpose whatsoever. The entire Website Content is provided as it is, and Wellmade, to the extent permitted by applicable law, makes no warranty of commercial quality or suitability for particular uses, including implied warranties. Furthermore, Wellmade makes no warranty with regard to the accuracy or exclusive nature of the Website Content. Nothing contained on this website shall exclude or limit Wellmade’s liability for death or personal injury caused by (I) negligence; (II) wilful misconduct; (III) wilful default or gross negligence. Without prejudice to the above, you are using the website under your own responsibility and neither Wellmade nor those providing information and material to be published on the Website will be liable, both on a contractual and extra-contractual basis, for any loss or damage arising from your use of the Website, including, without limitation, any damages (direct, indirect, punitive or consequential) and any losses (related income, profits, goodwill, data, contracts, use of money), as well as losses or damages resulting from the interruption of business determined by the use or inability to use this Website or by the results of this Website.

Links to other websites
The Website contains links to third-party websites. The linked websites are not under Wellmade’s control, and Wellmade is not liable for the content of these websites. Wellmade provides these links for convenience and a link does not in any way imply any approval, sponsorship or affiliation with the linked website. The linked websites are owned by third parties, vendors, or independent service providers, which manage them, and Wellmade therefore cannot guarantee that you will be satisfied with their products, services or business methods. Therefore, it is appropriate that you make all the checks you think necessary before entering into any transaction with these parties.

User content and messages
The Website may allow users to enter or send material or reviews of their experiences when purchasing products/services, as well as to publish messages, information requests, bulletin boards or other forums (hereinafter “User Messages“). If Wellmade provides this type of service, you expressly agree to use them only to send User Messages pertaining to the topic of the Website. Wellmade may check and approve the posting of User Messages that are published or distributed on the Website, but shall in no way be liable for such User Messages. Wellmade in any case reserves the right to cancel, at its sole discretion, the User Messages and/or Website Content without prior notice.

A list is reported below (to be regarded merely as an example) of the types of User Messages (reviews or requests for information) which are considered illegal or are in any case forbidden by the Website. Wellmade reserves the right to modify at any time the contents of this list, at its sole discretion, as well as to make checks and take appropriate legal action against whoever breaches these provisions, including only by way of example, the right to remove offensive language and to prohibit the person responsible for such violation from using the Website. The list includes User Messages that:

a) Are clearly offensive to the community, such as communications that promote racism, fanaticism, hatred or physical harm against any group or individual;
b) Harass or encourage the harassment of any person whosoever;
c) Involve the transmission of promotional correspondence, so-called chain letters, unsolicited email or spamming;
d) Have offensive or defamatory content;
e) Contain information that the user knows is false or misleading, or promote illegal activities or abusive, threatening or obscene conduct;
f) Promote or contain an illegal and unauthorised copy of works of other persons protected by Copyright, such as providing pirated computer programmes or links to them, providing information to circumvent the security systems of computer programmes, or providing pirated music or links to pirated music files;
g) Contain pages where access is limited or possible only by using passwords or contain hidden pages or images (that are not linked to or accessible from other pages);
h) Provide instructions about illegal activities, for example, manufacturing or buying illegal weapons, violating the privacy rights of others, or creating computer viruses;
i) Represent or encourage conduct likely to be regarded as an offence or which give rise to civil liability, or are in any case contrary to law or infringe the rights of any other person in any country in the world; or
j) Engage in a commercial and/or sales activity without the prior written consent of Fondazione Cologni such as contests, lotteries, exchanges, advertising and pyramid selling.

By publishing and distributing User Messages on the Website, you expressly grant (with no possibility of revocation) to Wellmade and its affiliates the right to make these User Messages usable, which may be freely read, copied, published, translated and distributed using any means and in any form, including third-party advertising and promotional activities without your authorisation. You agree not to publish or distribute any content or material covered by Copyright without the express consent of the holder of the right, and you agree to hold Wellmade harmless from any legal action arising out of or connected to the breach of this provision for which you are responsible.

Reporting Procedure and Removal of allegedly illegal content
Wellmade adopts a reporting and removal procedure. If you have any objections or complaints concerning the material or Content of the Website, including the User Messages published, or you believe that the material published or that the Website Content may infringe your copyright, please contact us without delay by email. If the report will be regarded as being well-grounded, Wellmade will make all reasonable efforts to remove the allegedly illegal content within a reasonable time.

Any content or personal information you send to the Website will be used in accordance with our privacy guidelines in terms of privacy, which we invite you to read in our document Privacy Policy and Cookies.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction
The Website (excluding the links to third-party websites) is under the control of Fondazione Cologni, which will manage it with its partners and suppliers. By accessing the website, using it or publishing content on it, you and Wellmade expressly agree that all disputes, legal actions or other matters arising out of or connected to your use of this Website will be subject to Italian Law (IT) with no application of the principles of private international law provided for therein. You also agree that the Court of Milan (Italy) will have exclusive jurisdiction over any action against Fondazione Cologni, arising out of or related to use of the Website.

Wellmade may change, supplement or delete these Conditions or any part thereof at any time and with full discretionary powers, if it considers this necessary for legal or technical reasons, or even as a result of changes in the services offered and in the layout of the Website. Wellmade will inform you of these changes with an appropriate notice. Following this notice, by continuing to use the Website, you expressly agree to be bound by the Conditions, as in their modified version.

Wellmade may change, suspend or discontinue at any time the services offered, including the availability of any content, database or article. Wellmade may also set limits on certain services or restrict your access to the entire Website or certain parts of it, or even to any other Wellmade website, without any warning, for technical or safety reasons, in order to prevent unauthorised access to the Website, loss or destruction of data or if we believe, at our sole discretion, that you have infringed any of these Conditions or any law or regulation, or simply when Wellmade decides to discontinue a service.


General clauses
If any part of these Conditions is determined to be invalid or ineffective according to applicable law, including, only by way of example, the aforementioned disclaimer of warranty and limitation of liability, the invalid or ineffective provision will be deemed to be replaced by another valid and effective clause which appears to comply with the will of the parties as expressed in the original clause, and the remaining Conditions will still be deemed effective.

Wellmade may grant, transfer and assign the rights and obligations provided for by these Conditions of Use; users are not entitled to this right.

You agree that no employment relationship, agency agreement, joint venture or partnership is established between you and Wellmade as a result of these Conditions.

These Conditions are available in the language of the Website. We do not keep the Conditions accepted individually by each user.

The Website is not updated periodically and at regular intervals, and should not therefore be registered as an editorial product according to law.


If you need further information about the project Wellmade and its Website, you can browse our FAQ or get in touch with us through the section Contact.