The partners of the project Wellmade

The Wellmade project promotes the best craft workshops throughout Italy.
In order to find the most interesting craft ateliers to invite to register the website and join the community, we do research and scouting work throughout the country, both in person and online.
We also evaluate unsolicited applications and referrals from users.

Another very valuable help comes to us from the Project Partners: expert Ambassadors and Circuits of craftsmanship.
Thanks to their reports and advice, we can enrich the website and the community with many important craft businesses that we otherwise could not reach.
In fact, Ambassadors and Circuits let us know about the artisans in their network and their area, and act as a liason for them to become part of the community.




Our Ambassadors are experts in the fields of fine craftsmanship and excellent Made in Italy products.
They share information and relevant opinions to improve the level of discussion on Italian artisanship, and to help promoting the culture of “ben fatto”, or well made.
Discover our Ambassadors.




The Circuits are associations or specific projects that promote and enhance fine Italian craftsmanship.
Together with the Wellmade team, they select the most interesting artisans among their own contacts, proposing them to become part of the platform in order to improve their visibility.
Discover our Circuits.