Hand-made wallpaper

Fabscarte, established from Emilio Brazzolotto’s twenty-year long experience, is specialised in the production of handmade and painted wallpapers. We have visited their wonderful Milanese atelier.

Does this profession require specific training?
An education in arts and crafts is essential, but what is even more important is to work with a master specialised in interior decoration, and to keep broadening knowledge and improving personality.

How long does it take to make a hand-made wallpaper? And what skills are needed?
It normally takes two to three weeks to make 60 square metres of hand painted wallpaper. The skills required include an in-depth knowledge of ancient and modern pictorial techniques, commitment, meticulousness and a constant desire to improve.

Which types of clients do you target?
Our clients have a great appreciation for quality products: products should have a history and the ability to emphasise our clients’ uniqueness through the elegance of their homes.

How do you reconcile your work with the new needs and trends of the market?
In a world dominated by technology, a product whose inspiring leitmotif is “conceived by hand” can meet the demand of clients for whom excellence is a status symbol.

Do you think that young people are fascinated and inspired by your profession?
Our activity may certainly appeal to young people endowed with a creative temperament and the desire to affirm themselves. Those are two fundamental features that need to be supported by a long and thorough training.

Photo credit: Emanuele Zamponi

Via Vincenzo Foppa, 50/A
20144 Milano
Tel.: 02 42290388