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Germana Scapellato is of Sicilian descent, but she has been living and working in Milan for 20 years.
After graduating in Law, she decided to follow her passion and interest for design and architecture, and she began her studies at the IED-Istituto Europeo di Design.
In 2013 she founded “Waiting for the bus”, a creative platform that gathers her projects and interests: travelling, art and her home, a place of love and hospitality. hers is a fascinating journey from North to South to discover the authentic Italian history, craftsmanship and traditions: an important heritage of beauty and culture that she draws inspiration from, and that she reinterprets in a more contemporary way in her work, thus creating unique pieces.
Updating this ancient history and legacy, without losing its meaning, is a real challenge, and it means building a bridge between past and present, a tradition that turns into design and that makes the rules of a new, timeless aesthetics, with no limits or boundaries.


Ceramiche Biagioli – La Mastro Giorgio

Finishing to perfection

I worked with Paolo Biagioli on the occasion of the first edition of “Doppia ...

I worked with Paolo Biagioli on the occasion of the first edition of “Doppia Firma”, in 2016. I appreciated his ability to interpret the project and his expertise in making, entirely by hand, a series of bowls, jars and jugs. Then he made an outstanding luster finish on the same pieces: a very complex technique that creates metalic and iridescent reflections.