Evento Wellmade

Paola Casta was born in 1983 in Faenza, the city of ceramics.
She received her master’s degree in Economy of Culture from Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia, and after the following study experiences in Rotterdam and Manchester, she has worked in the field of culture and communication, mainly in event planning, project management and web copywriting.
Meanwhile, she started working by chance as an assistant director for a tv production company in Bologna, the Antoniano, with which she currently collaborates.
In 2012 she started her professional experience in the field of ceramics, and now she is in charge of the organisation of Argillà Italia in Faenza, an important event dedicated to ceramics; she collaborates with Associazione Italiana Città della Ceramica, with Gruppo Europeo di Cooperazione Territoriale “Città della Ceramica” and she is Registrar at Ente Ceramica Faenza.
In 2018 she published her book “Ceramics and new firms in Faenza. Contemporary artisans and generational turnover in the Faenza’s world of ceramics”, edited by Homeless Book, the result of a research supported by Fondazione Giovanni Dalle Fabbriche and Ente Ceramica Faenza.