Ezia Di Labio

Authorial Violins

What is your story? And how did you started your activity?
After graduating at the Artistic High School in Pescara, I moved to Bologna where I started studying violin. The violin-maker Master Otello Bignami used to take care of my instrument and I used to spend more time in his laboratory than practicing: his work really inspired me more than other disciplines and he, as a very sensitive person, understood that. For this reason he proposed me to attend a 4-year educational training for violin-makers that would take place in Bologna under his guide: I was starting my career!

Which are the main features of the Bolognese method in the construction of a violin?
In the history of the Bolognese school, several masters have expressed their personality and style, with shapes and models that are absolutely recognizable; the construction process is characterized by using the internal shape, the edges are well rounded, and the threads’ tips have the particular “pungiglione” (sting). The Bolognese paint is recognizable by its red tones.

Who are you clients?
I have crafted violins for many clients in Italy but also abroad: Sweden, the United States, China and Japan. My clients are professionals, young students determined to start a musical career, collectors and also amateur musicians. My activity, since 2007, has been divided between the production of “classical” instruments and the project Author’s Violin.

Do you think that young generations could be interested in following in your footsteps?
Mine is a wonderful job that could easily passionate young generations. It requires a great dedication and patience, and they must know that it is a very difficult business. Musicians are always looking for ancient instruments and young violin makers face a tough market.

Do you host any training activity in your lab?
I never had a trainee; for me violin is a passion and that’s why I have always taken part independently to conferences and meetings in schools, libraries, museums. I also realized a short video about the construction of the instrument, in collaboration with producer Manuel Moruzzi.

How do you balance tradition and innovation in your activity?
Through the Author’s Violin project I look for the right balance between tradition and crafting by hand all the pieces that guarantee the quality of sound, and the innovation to transform a part of the violin without touching its soul: the aesthetic!!!
My instruments are born to be played, are shaped as pieces of art and given back to their world…music.

Ezia Di Labio
Violin maker in Bologna
Phone +39.3802981088
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