Evento Wellmade

Kaori Shiina is a Japanese designer. After her studies in Tokyo, she moved to Milan in 1987, where she currently lives and works as a designer, art director and advisor. Riccardo Nardi studied at ISIA in Faenza and, since 1982, he works in the field of product and lighting design, mainly between Italy and Switzerland.

Together they founded Shiina+Nardi Design in 2015, a design studio based in Milan, and they created their commercial brand, Hands on Design. Under this name they create and sell unique pieces, devised by international designers and made by excellent craftspeople, mainly from Italy and Japan.
The company has a unique approach in combining these two ancient traditions, rich in beauty and history, as well as in renewing them with creativity and through the communicative effectiveness of design. As Hands on Design, Kaori and Riccardo are involved in all the process of creation and management of the product: from the selection of the artisans to the conception and development of the project, as well as the art direction, with the aim to create a collection that is, at the same time, current and contemporary but far from the most ephemeral trends.