A conversation with wood, living and evolving matter

Nicola’s work stems from his great passion and interest for nature, and that is why in all his artworks – wood turnings, interior design items or small utensils – he exclusively implements hardwood, and what’s more, only locally sourced. A kind of ancestral bond ties him to the woods surrounding his workshop, located at the foot of Vicenza’s Pedemontana region. All his work focuses on respecting the piece of wood he’s working on, thus the project might be modified along the way according to the material’s suggestions: grains, knots or chromatic variations can change the way his hands work, diverging from the initial idea; the wood itself takes part in the creative process, it is not inert matter to be handled, it’s alive and, as such, it establishes a conversation with the artisan. Nicola uses traditional tools, but his designs are extremely contemporary and done to perfection!