Lorenzo Pusterla: craftsmanship excellence and contemporary design

Pusterlamarmi is a craft company in Como, a true excellence in stone working and marble processing in particular, a material with which they produce refined furnishing accessories.
It was founded in 1977, and it is now run by the second generation, Lorenzo and Angela Pusterla, who respectively take care of the production and the management of the family business. Since its beginnings, the company has carried on this ancient craft, employing experienced and qualified workers.
An ancient tradition that continues in the name of innovation, thanks to the continuous search for new shapes and lines that meet contemporary living requirements. The result is unique pieces with modern and elegant taste, impeccable finishes and exquisite craftsmanship.
In 2022, Lorenzo Pusterla was awarded the title of MAM – Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere (Master of Arts and Crafts), recognised by Fondazione Cologni to master crafters who have distinguished themselves for their talent and know-how.

What is your story and how did you get involved in stonework?
As a young boy in the 1980s, I started working in my father’s workshop, becoming passionate about all phases of marble processing. After attending vocational school, I joined the company on a permanent basis.
At that time, we were already producing custom-made artistic works in the field of furniture and design.
I learnt the trade from my father and his collaborators, and later developed innovative technologies that enabled new solutions to be realised quickly.
When my father passed away, my sister Angela and I took over the company, keeping it up to date both technically and artistically.
Thanks to our long-standing collaboration with sculptor Bruno Luzzani, we have been organising sculpture symposia in our area since the 1980s.
In 2012, in collaboration with designer Lorenzo Damiani, we won first prize in the Best Communicator category at the Marmomacc international trade fair in Verona, and in 2022 I was awarded the title of MAM – Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere by Fondazione Cologni.

How important has been the link with the Como area for your work and the family business?
The Como area has always had the presence of numerous luxurious villas, both in the city and on the lake shores: this has allowed us to develop and flourish in our business of designing and executing high prestige furniture.
Our proximity to Milan, the undisputed capital of European design, allows us to collaborate with leading architectural firms on flooring, wall coverings and interior and exterior design and decoration projects.

The artefacts you make are a skilful combination of tradition and contemporary design. Is this a recent development, or have you always preferred a more modern and original style?
This is not a recent development, but stems from the experience we have accumulated over 50 years. Our uniqueness is deeply rooted in the culture of artistic craftsmanship. Each piece takes shape entirely in our workshop in Como and is the result of a process that blends traditional techniques with contemporary visions, guaranteeing timeless creations that enhance the natural beauty of the stones.

How is the business organised to date? How many employees assist you?
Our staff consists of 22 people; our strength lies in the in-house management of the entire production process. From the first consultation through to delivery and installation, each stage is handled with the utmost attention to detail and a constant commitment to excellence.
When we accept a commission, we always start with the consultancy: we listen to the customers ideas and guide them in choosing the materials and solutions best suited to their needs. We then provide detailed estimates and tailor-made solutions for the given budget. Next, our team of experts transforms the vision into a concrete project, using state-of-the-art CAD technology to precisely visualise the end result. We then move on to the actual realisation phase: the idea comes to life in the hands of our crafters, who work with dedication to realise every detail of the project.
Finally, we conclude with delivery and installation, guaranteeing a complete service right up to final installation, ensuring that each element is perfectly integrated in its context. However, our commitment continues even after the delivery, with service and maintenance, aimed at preserving the beauty and durability of our creations.

What does it mean today to pass on such an important tradition?
For me, it is very important to pass on to the next generation the passion and craftsmanship that we have contributed to preserve and flourish over so many years.

How important is design and planning when creating luxury furniture, or a work of art in marble?
For us, the thorough planning and elaboration of the entire production process is of utmost importance.

The “Salone del Mobile” and the Design Week in Milan has recently come to an end. Did you realise a particular project for this occasion?
We collaborate with the most important companies in the furniture and design sector, with whom we developed and produced new prototypes presented at the last “Salone del Mobile” in Milan.

What would you say to someone who wants to approach this craft?
I would say it is a challenging but rewarding work: from a block of marble comes a finished design product that is appreciated by customers all over the world.



Via Canturina, 107/109 – Como
Ph. +39 031 592443