A young talent

Extremely young wheel potter, Leonardo Collanega is heir to our territory’s centuries-old ceramic tradition: he grew up among iridescent glaze trays belonging to his father and great decorator Stefano; he spent years observing his hands shaping clay, and really benefited from those teachings, which he now applies to his ceramics. Very young, yet, thanks to his talent, already internationally renowned in the field, Leonardo works with any kind of clay, from common red clay to precious porcelain, and he’s able to use the potter’s wheel to create tiny bowls with extremely thin edges as well as large vases recalling traditional “orcioli” (double handed jugs). In 2020 he won the Premio Portoni in Nove, entering the competition with a large white stoneware vase, hand-turned, cooked in a firewood kiln and with an ash glaze finishing, derived from his collaboration with a group of stokers led by master kiln worker Antonio Bonaldi.