Simple and brilliant, an iconic design object

Eva Design is the result of a simple and genius idea, an iconic money box which shape and design recall the emblem of desire: the apple. From “The Three Graces” myth to Eve, the apple historically symbolizes a divine gift, representing elegance and perfection, but also love and lust. Raffaella and William’s passion, coming from having grown up in a territory rich in art and craftsmanship, turned this design object into a genuine medium for territorial development.
In their collections you can find apples decorated by master artisans and local artists, as well as young boys and girls who decided to turn this art into their life’s work, such as students from CerTa, the training program sponsored by De Fabris Art School in collaboration with Eva Design, who donated its “biscuits” in order to let new trainees from the ceramic district of Nove and Bassano del Grappa experiment with contemporary decoration.