The fascination of a prestigious history

Barettoni is one of the oldest Italian manufacturers of ceramicware. It was founded between the XVII and XVIII centuries by the Antonibon noble family and was offered special privileges under the Venetian Republic to protect its activities. One cannot but remain impressed by the ancient circular furnaces still seen today in the workshop, a vestige of the long and prestigious history of the company. Since 1907, the Barettoni family — in conjunction with various artists — has created a wide range of products with an important and innovative new line to accompany its timeless and classic products. The current product range, in addition to timeless and prestigious models made from still-used ancient moulds, also offers a vast choice of objects for the table, gift objects and furnishing accessories. Their artefacts are often inspired by nature and the marine environment, with a particular focus on the colour effect and harmony of form and always the result of meticulous handcraftsmanship.