The rediscovery of ancient value

The medieval village of Mogliano, in the gentle hills of the Marche region has a centuries-long weaving tradition not only in wicker but in any manually woven materials. Bottega Intreccio is at the centre of a network of small, traditional workshops spread around the village, each one specialised in a certain type of work and producing everyday objects and even exclusive artefacts: bags, containers, panels, lamps, furniture and baskets, all things commonly found in the home. After a period of decline with the advent of plastic used for these everyday objects, the value of handwoven objects has recently been rediscovered by leading fashion and design maisons and which has also favoured the use of new materials. Today in Mogliano the younger generations have returned to the workshop and so tradition continues its evolution through design. Bottega Intreccio also collaborates with Hands on Design to produce a series of non-traditional objects created by the hands of master weavers.