A historical manufactury

Murano glass needs no introduction. However, Ercole Moretti, a historical Murano company now led by cousins Marcello and Paolo, is the last one still creating objects using only the world-renowned Murrine glass. Murrine, derived from an ancient Roman processing technique, are locally produced starting from long glass rods, exclusively hand crafted by the Moretti family by implementing refined and very complex techniques, also in terms of colour pairings. The company also used to create wonderful glass buttons, distributed on a global scale, but nowadays even the historical warehouse supplies are almost exhausted. Paolo and Marcello Moretti are very attentive towards the evolution of customs and tastes: they also introduced a Design Collection, in collaboration with popular specialists, which has had a revolutionary experimental impact. For Hands on Design they produce exclusive items: these products are extremely modern but still follow and bring forward Murano’s tradition.