Passion and excellence

Entering Eva’s workshop is always a different journey, in which the books, her passion, lead the way. You could find yourself immersed in a herbarium from the 1700s as well as recently published books in need of re-binding after being leafed through multiple times. Here, passion is in the air: passion in those who entrust her with their treasured books, passion in the hands of who lovingly takes care of them. Eva stands out for her diligence and timeless committent to a trade which requires extremely detailed attention and close relationships with clients. Her soul lives both inside her micro-workshop and outside, in this professional field: that’s why over the years she became head of her artistic craftsmanship’s category. Her desire for excellence is all-encompassing, leading over time to the creation of a close-knit network of artisans from all around the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.