An alchemical game of stories, works and memories

I was immediately struck by Federica’s extraordinary artistic and literary culture, which, however, never denies a marked curiosity, modesty and constant desire to study, deepen and research. Her candles are miniature works of art, which tell a lot about her connection with the city of Florence: an alchemy of fragrances and unmistakable aesthetic languages merge with memories cherished with care and gratitude. Personally, I have donated many of her candles, to those who are able to understand and appreciate such a precious object. One peculiarity that is immediately apparent, in addition to their beauty, is that they diffuse a persistent fragrance even when extinguished, thus immersing the environment in the work of art from which they are inspired. This is because Federica, as a woman and a crafter, boasts a rare quality: she takes her time. Time to be inspired, to research, to design, to test, to renew; each of her works is the result of a meticulous creative, artistic and artisanal process that results with undeniably superfine objects, in which every single detail (from the vase to the packaging, from the inspiration to the fragrance, from the wax to the wick) stand out for higher levels of quality, research and perfection.