How can I change/update/delete my artisan page?

Once you have completed your subscription, you can access your profile by logging in.
To create your Artisan page, click on “Edit Artisan’s page” and fill in the form with information and a description of your business. The Artisan page can be saved as a draft and completed later. When you complete the Artisan page with all the information requested, you will have to wait for the Wellmade team’s approval.
The information and description provided will be checked and possibly edited by the Wellmade staff.
Once the page is approved and published, you will receive a notification by email; finally, you will be allowed to edit and update your information at any time by clicking on “Edit Artisan’s page” on your profile. While your information (contact details, products and services, photo gallery, opening hours, etc.) will be updated immediately, the description will need to be approved by the Wellmade team once again.
To delete your Artisan page and all related personal information on this website, please write to

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