La casa di pietra (‘The stone house’) is an exhibition project by gumdesign studio. It was started in 2014 on the occasion of the Marmomacc event at Fiera Verona, featuring a collection of stone objects, made by skilled artisans and sold online. The project aims at reviving the primordial culture of home living by using stone as a symbolic starting point for its rediscovery. A story told through images encapsulating and compressing time into memory and imagination.

Stone has always captivated man and, since ancient times, many virtues, along with magic meanings and powers, have been ascribed to it. Ever since caveman times, home has meant ease and comfort with oneself and with the outside world, as well as protection and a reference point. Caverns were inhabited by men who felt the need to “fill” their “houses” with signs and drawings displaying their experiences. The concept of a safe shelter was soon complemented by an idea of space allowing them to express what was most important for them, thus giving rise to expression, narration and a mirror of affective, symbolic and shared contents.

After the Marmomacc exhibition, the project has been invited to take part in other events, while implementing new collection items and extending the network of the partner companies which have joined the project. The Stone House has been awarded the 2014 Best Communicator Award in the Design section at Marmomacc and has been selected in the 2016 Adi Design Index; the Impronte (Imprints) collection features among the finalist projects of 2018 Meneghetti International Art Prize.