The SlobsCasa Collection, the first network of fine craftsmen who represent the excellence of the new Italian arts and crafts, has been created in Milan.
“Making with their own hands” is their trade and their passion; each and every one of them is, in his own way, a sculptor, a painter, a carpenter, a blacksmith – always an artist. Thanks to Vera Montanari, the legendary editor of many women’s magazines (from Marie Claire to Grazia), and Barbara Vergnano, an art dealer, a journalist and an interior decorator, all these masters creating beauty for our homes have been brought together in one network.
“Slobs Casa, the excellence of Italian craftsmanship” is a collection of furnishings made by the outstanding Italian artists and craftsmen, those who, though harking back to our country’s highest and most ancient tradition, are revisiting it with a contemporary vision. The newest Made in Italy craftsmen, in fact, love their past and are proud of our history, but also harbour new ideas and, above all, love experimenting.
Slobs Casa aims at representing a meeting point between the new craftsmen’s world and the world of all those who conceive and manage our living spaces, from architects to interior decorators, to designers and planners. But it is also aimed at those who simply love their homes and wish to make them a little more unique.
Slobs Casa selects, coordinates, promotes, distributes and sells the products of these Italian makers, the protagonists of a new contemporary, refined, unique handicraft culture. Their products, be it furniture or fabrics, vases or plates, jewels or perfumes, are unique, customised and timeless pieces. All of them have a story to tell, all of them convey emotions, such as those expressed by glass processed until it looks like ice; by a classic lamp running into wax print and becoming super modern; by lava rock suddenly becoming lighter under skilled hands; or by rust which, stopped at exactly the right moment, is no longer harmful, but gives an object an archaic appearance, as if time had left its marks on it, or as if it had already lived another life.
This is the point; this is what makes a difference: all the objects made by artist-craftsmen have a communicable identity, and are conceived for people who are intolerant of sameness, who are eager to move beyond mass-produced objects and look for artist-created objects for their daily life.
Slobs Casa is a luxury in the truest sense of the word: the luxury of custom-made objects, conceived and created by artist-craftsmen. The luxury of being different, far from the beaten track, unique. The luxury of ItaIian craftsmanship and knowledge.