5 VIE Art + Design is a cultural non-for-profit Association aiming at reviving Milan’s historic centre. The Association is acting to promote coordination among the different parties concerned within the area, cooperating with Merchants Associations, schools, socially committed associations and foundations, private and public cultural bodies, the Diocese, local residents and other actors.
5 VIE Art + Design aims at fostering a renewal of the area through a strong brand identity, while defining new communication and sustainable growth strategies, capable of stimulating an active cooperation within the community and the professionals inhabiting the area. At the same time, they are supporting and developing a strong network, with the goal of integrating skills and opportunities while respecting the rich variety of actors in the area.
An authentic, socially, commercially and touristically innovative “acting as system” approach, fully respecting and enhancing the Milanese identity of the 5VIE area, while looking ahead and combining the power of history with the typically experimental vitality of innovation.