The Mestieri d’Arte Association, encompassing 18 artisans from Reggio Emilia’s historical centre, was established in November 2014 thanks to the collaboration of the “F.A.R.-Studium Regiense” Foundation, to protect and promote high-quality activities harking back to an ancient “savoir-faire”, the fruit and pride of Italian culture and history.
Our Association also aims at promoting the historical centre that is hosting the now fully integrated ateliers. For its symbol, Mestieri d’arte has chosen the seal dating back to 1307, when the Società di San Prospero del Popolo e delle Arti della città di Reggio Emilia was established, a symbol which lasted until the Italian three-colour flag replaced it.
The associated artisans belong to different fields, namely the goldsmiths’, the mosaic’s, and upholstery’s trade, but nearly half of them are accomplished, experienced restorers, specialising in the restoration and preservation of paintings, wooden furniture, paper works and much more.
In the spring of 2015, Mestieri d’arte introduced itself to the city by showcasing a collective exhibition of their works in Palazzo Casotti’s exhibition room, in collaboration with Reggio Emilia’s municipality. In the same year, the Spazio Gerra centre showcased an exhibition of the novel, unedited works, created with the workshops’ waste products.
Since the end of 2016, the Association has been collaborating with Fondazione Palazzo Magnani and with the bookshop of Reggio Emilia’s headquarters, contributing one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by the themes of the current exhibitions.