MAV – Museo dell’Artigianato Valdostano di Tradizione (Traditional Valdostan Craftsmanship Museum) is a museum dedicated to traditional Valdostan craftsmanship, expression of the culture of a small mountain territory, bearer of a material and immaterial heritage of millenary tradition.
Recently fully renovated in its spaces and contents in order to offer the public a new vision of craftsmanship, the museum tells the tale of the millennial craft culture of the Aosta Valley through a survey of its artisanal heritage and prompts visitors to reflect on the value of tradition in today’s world.

The itinerary is divided into six thematic areas: memory, i.e. the “connective tissue linking individuals to the community”, featuring an exposition of the Brocherel Collection in its entirety, where objects tell their story as keepers of memory; matter, as in the close relationship between territory, raw material and craftsmen; shape, as in the result of the convergence between craftsman, gesture and material; gesture, i.e. the pure manual dexterity of which craftsmen are bearers, an intangible treasure of unique knowledge; avant-garde, as in the creative potential to go beyond one’s own time; beauty, as a reflection on the individual, objective or social aesthetic perception of a set of objects.

MAV’s revamped exhibition itinerary takes visitors on an ideal journey through the world of craftsmanship, past and present, inviting them to look beyond the object-symbol in order to uncover the variety of shapes, gestures and visions that constitute the essence of craftsmanship.

For many years, MAV has also carried out extensive educational activities designed for the younger generations. Thanks to a hands-on and experiential approach, children learn all about materials, techniques and objects through a first-hand experience in craft making.