Artemest is a curated e-commerce website with a unique product assortment launched in 2015 by jewelry designer Ippolita Rostagno. With 230+ artisans, brings the best Italian craft and design to an international audience by offering a unique shopping experience. The company’s philosophy is to restore the authentic luxury concept based on heritage, uncompromised quality and craftsmanship. Artemest has travelled through Italy and has selected the artisans with unparalleled skills, who dedicate their lives to the processing of wood, Murano glass, marble, ceramics and precious metals, involving master glass smiths, goldsmith, designers and artists. The company commits in conserving the arts of craft of the Italian tradition by telling the history and genius of these last through the eyes of craftsmen, designers and architects. At the heart of Artemest lies not only heritage but also technology and innovation, central aspects that allow to give worldwide visibility to Italian workshops and to communicate the passion and art behind the workmanship of the products, illustrating the processes and techniques and recreating a journey in the history of the timeless creations.