The Milano su misura (Milan Made-to-Measure) craft shopping guide is an elegant booklet highlighting the best of Milanese savoir-fare. The guide is the result of a collaboration between the Tuscan publishing house Gruppo Editoriale and the Cologni Foundation of Milan, with the support of Four Seasons Hotel Milan and Vacheron Constantin, the most ancient manufacture of fine watchmaking in Switzerland. This unique guide is illustrated by the beautiful photos of the young, talented photographer Dario Garofalo, and is curated by Stefania Montani, a journalist and author of articles and books. Milano su misura is dedicated to people who want to discover this precious heritage of know-how by personally visiting the workshops of masters artisans. 70 workshops were chosen for the guide, and divided up into separate categories: Jewellery, Costume Jewellery, Silverware, Tailoring, Accessories, Furnishings, Décor, Musical Instruments, Curiosities. Tailor-made is the key element around which all this creative activity revolves. The guide is available in selected bookshops.