“Artigianato e Palazzo” (Craftsmanship and Palace) was born in Florence in 1995, from an idea by Neri Torrigiani and Giorgiana Corsini, to protect and facilitate high-end craftsmanship, the value of hand-made creations and care for details.

Every year, the event covers four days, namely a long weekend in mid-May, in the beautiful setting of Renaissance Giardino Corsini, in the centre of Florence. The focus of the exhibition is not craftsmanship as, such but the figure of the artisan, introduced and highlighted with his work and role within today’s cultural and commercial scenario, as the highest expression of the best quality and technique.
In the last few years, “Artigianato e Palazzo” has achieved outstanding results, hosting a total of nearly 150,000 visitors and introducing over 650 master craftsmen as representatives of 149 different trades: from ceramists to silversmiths, from glass to wood artisans, from tapestry restoration techniques to frames and sculptures gilding, from luthiers to scagliola processing, and many more.

The project is also open to young people through the “Blogs & Crafts” competition, allowing 10 artisans under 35 to visit the exhibition free of charge in a dedicated section, while 10 bloggers are selected every year to cover the whole event and describe its salient features.
Among many successful initiatives, you can enjoy the “Ricette di famiglia” (Family Recipes) event, exalting the food craft trades and strengthening the connection between contemporary and traditional cuisine in a series of daily meetings with writers, famous chefs and cooks.